The loyal dog stayed at the lake for over 11 hours

The loyal dog stayed at the lake for over 11 hours in search of his owner and then rescued him.

A dog belonging to a fisherman, Heidi was seen on the shores of Moreton Bay, Australia, floating in the water next to a tackle box, a wetsuit along with other things from a boat which had been sunk on Thursday at 6 a.m. According to the Queensland Police.

He noticed the dog trying to get to the shoreline by swimming. He spotted a box of cufflinks beside the dog and a swimmingcostume in the distance.

it was clear that the boat had flipped over

The man determined to rush to the rescue and pull the dog from the water and take it back to shore. After that, he called the coast guard immediately for assistance , and informed them about the events that took place.

The rescue team arrived quickly

Then it was clear that the boat had flipped over. The rescue team arrived quickly. Throughout the time, the dog would constantly whine and trying to get into the water.

So the search lasted for a long time, due to which the man was found. The owner was saved due to the incredible dof. It truly was a miracle.

The man explained later that the incident occurred because he suddenly lost control over the ship, and as result of the sudden shift both the dog and him were in the water however, in opposite directions.

The dog ended up being in the water for over 12 hours trying to locate his father.

These are our angels, created to guard us and enrich our lives with their unconditional love and loyality.

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