The best tips for Preventing Back Pain When washing Your Dog


If you suffer from chronic back pain, or grooming causes severe back pain, there are some advices and they won’t cost a lot bucks, but you can do them totally free! Bend yourself when bathing a dog for 10-30 minutes causes some anxiety to you.

Here are the best tips for Preventing back Pain when washing your dog:

  • Make your back straight and lift with your legs when grooming your dog. Keep your balance if you suffer from bad knees, and don’t sit on the ground if you’re washing the dog.
  • There is another easy method that you can use it, and it costs from $100 to over $1,000. Bring the dog up to you. Bring grooming tables if you can’t descend to the dog. You can have an inexpensive one more than $100 before delivery, or a high-efficiency hydraulic, which costs a thousand bucks, if you have a big dog. You must take into account the weight and guarantees.

  • You can make a grooming table from the wood, or make steel tube for an edge etc. You must build a sturdy table and prevent slips by using A little skateboard grip tape.
  • You follow 1 or 2 steps to raise the dog up to feel relief, and this step one is the best solution .It is easy to make your dog stand on the edge like a grooming table.
  • If you have a tree stump, you can use it if it is large and flat, instead of paying $800 to remove it. Your dog can’t stand on it if it is very small, so you can make a few boards or build a frame, but it costs you a few bucks.

  • Bring your dog if you can’t get down to the dog, this solution may be the best.
  • If you notice your dog is active or doesn’t want to wash, you must know that can cause strain on your back, so you can put a small quantity of dog-friendly peanut butter on the bathtub surface to lick it off during the washing.
  • Don’t lean over the tub when washing your dog, but sit on the floor and do that.
  • Impart your dog to go to the tub by itself. It leads to you not feeling back pain.
  • Sit down on your knees instead of leaning over the tub

Some back Injuries when washing your dog

  1. Carrying a heavy dog in the tub.
  2. Feeling strain when your dog is an unruly.
  3. If you wash more than one dog, you will feel pain back because of hunching over for a long time.

In the end, clean your dog every day for 2 minutes. It helps to increase your relationship with your dog, but you must keep Balance you so you don’t feel back pain. We also mentioned some tips in this article so that washing your dog becomes enjoyable for you and does not cause back pain.

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